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Why is my 3 1/2 year old peeing all over the house?! Help!

I need some major advice here. My fully potty trained 3 1/2 year old has started peeing 1-3 times a day as if she's wearing a diaper! My husband and I argue a little about what to do and it's very frustrating. She crawled into bed with us this morning and peed on him so he's a little peturbed. I'm just really confused and want to know why and we need a solution quickly. Here are some details and I would love any tips!
It's been happening for about two weeks. I'm close to 8 months pregnant and have been suffering with a uti lately. She is my stronger willed child, not at all a people pleaser like her older sister so the strategy has to be different here. She potty trained on jelly beans and after a month, I told her she was old enough to just use the potty without candy and seems some regression started then. Cavities are an issue so I don't like candy incentive and she's old enough now! We moved in February and she regressed some then but was fully trained again in March. She doesn't seem to have a uti bc she holds it for hours and doesn't complain of pain. She poos on the pot, the problem is the pee. When she goes in the house, I have talks with her about what needs to happen and have her sit on the toilet for awhile. I read you don't want to associate negative consequences to 'accidents' but I'm not so sure these are accidents. She just doesn't seem to care. The hubby thinks we should provide negative consequences now but I want to exhaust all positive reinforcement ideas before doing that?? I just know I need to fix this problem soon! Thanks for any help!
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