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Re: * May 2011 Mamas - April Chat*

Hi Mamas, I've been lurking and finally have a few minutes to reply and post pictures (though really I shouldn't because I'm supposed to get ready for work lol)!

First, I got my swap present in the mail yesterday!

Thank you Shannon and family! I still need to take a picture of the awesome, crayon-hand-drawn birthday card to share with you all, it's adorable DS is going to love the owl and I love the dino wipes

DS is getting closer to officially being a toddler (I'm in denial ), he looks like such a little boy and not like a baby at all.

We have his one year appointment next month, but at his last one he was around 20lbs and seems to be holding steady right around there. He is 30in tall though, and very very active, so I'm not concerned about his weight because he crawls everywhere and is cruising furniture and pulling himself to stand on everything. We "started" solids because I had a lousy output last week and this week at work, either due to being pregnant or to worrying about my supply because I'm pregnant. DS is so not interested, he plays with it then drops it on the floor when he's done. I think he *might* have eaten a pepperoni the other day but for the most part none of the food makes it to his mouth, or if it does, he spits it out because it's not milk. We have backup formula so it's not like he'll starve if I dry up but I'm not sure how he'll take that. He nurses just fine when I'm home, so that's good at least, I can tell he's getting what he wants.

Pregnancy is going well so far, I FINALLY got a first ultrasound yesterday (next time I'm so not going to test as early as I did with this one, 5 weeks makes everything feel super far away) and I don't have any cysts on my ovary! Yay! We also got to see the new LO wiggle around and hb was 160 or 168 I can't remember. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow so because hb was good and I don't have any cysts we officially announced on facebook and now it's public knowledge and my family has been telling everyone lol.

I really have to get ready for work now, spent more time writing than I meant to! Can't wait to see other present pictures!
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