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Re: MRSA infection in breast. My story. Thanks for reading.

Oh, mama! I'm so sorry to hear this!

I had the same thing going on when my babe was about 5mos old. I had been sick for about 5 weeks, thinking I had recurrent thrush/mastitis. My midwife put me on an abx for 10 days. I wasn't getting any better, and my nipple had actually started to move out toward my armpit. She took one look at it at the end of the abx round and sent me to the ER. I didn't wait in triage for 10 min. before I was taken for an ultrasound. The radiologist told me that I did have an abcess about the size of a quarter. The surgeon I'd later have do the surgery was in his overcoat (this was in Jan.), walking by my room on his way out the door. He saw me, did the exam, and told me that I wasn't able to leave the hospital, that I'd have to go in for the surgery within the hour. This was 7pm and I had very little milk pumped for my nursling. I told him that I had to leave to feed my baby and promised to return in the morning. He was very reluctant to let me go. He was off the next day, but came in for the surgery, which didn't take long, I guess. He ended up draining and flushing two golfball sized abcesses in my tiny right breast (I'm usually a 32B)! He told me that I'd have been in big trouble if I'd waited another couple days before going in to the ER. I was put on an abx after the surgery and left with two drainage tubes. Gross stuff! At the 7 day mark, the pathology report came back - I had strep pneumonia in the abcess, which was resistant to the abx I'd been taking for so long! He put me on Keflex, twice a day for 10 days, which wrecked my gut, but finally, I was able to walk! I weaned Seamus from my right breast and he's been nursing since on the left. My right breast has just recently softened up, but I do feel some hard tissue underneath. Completely normal, so I'm told.

All the time I was sick, I was so terribly afraid that I had inflammatory breast cancer. I burst into tears when the radiologist came to tell me that I had an abcess - the poor guy didn't know what to do! I was crying for joy!

I'm so sorry for the loss in your nursing relationship. There is a mama on here who lives near me and she gifted me with several...I mean, several bags of her frozen breastmilk while I worked to increase my supply on the left side. It worked, and Seamus enjoys nursing while I run around lopsided. I couldn't nurse on the right side, either, but I was too afraid that I'd get sick again...that was my fourth bout of mastitis that did me in. Pumping on that side was excrutiating, as well. I have the same incision - I do know just how you feel.

When did you have your surgery? Did the surgeon suggest you wean completely? or are you able to nurse from the other side?
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