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Re: Why is my 3 1/2 year old peeing all over the house?! Help!

I don't have any advice. I'm now potty training my 4th child. I've read & believe that you can't force a child to go on the potty. Only that child is in control of their bodily functions. If the child perceives a power struggle, he/she will always win. I've also read that sometimes regression is passive/aggressive behavior. The child is too young to recognize it as such. What they really need is to know that you love them anyway (tough sometimes). So, whether it's regression b/c of changes or any of the above reasons; one of the worst things you can do is get angry, make them feel guilty, etc...those reactions will only continue the cycle. I think you're right on with the positive reinforcements.

I wish I had some practical advice for you. I know cleaning up messes is VERY tiring & frustrating. If she's willing to wear training pants or dipes again, maybe use those for a time? My 3rd child wet the bed for years, & my dh would get frustrated. He thought that making her feel guilty would somehow encourage her to learn how to hold it overnight. I tried really hard to NOT make her feel guilty, but I DID have her help me strip & wash her bedding when needed. I explained that when we make a mess, we clean it up. The was not a punishment, just something that needed doing.

Hang in there!! It will get better!
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