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Re: MRSA infection in breast. My story. Thanks for reading.

To mamabear. You are an example of what I wish I had been told to do. Nurse on one side. It plagues me to this day that I didn't. You see- my surgery was in July 06 btw- my surgeon said I should stop nursing all together for fear of getting MRSA again. MRSA can be deadly so it was worrisome to say the least. My OB came by to visit me in the hospital post surgery and said " sure you can still nurse" but didn't give any advice or guidance. The hospital's LC gave m tons of helpful literature and stuff, but was just too nice to say- NURSE ON ONE SIDE! I think she didn't want to make me feel guilty if I didn't, but I had so much more guilt as it was. Anyway, my deepest regret is that I did not nurse on one side. But at the time myself and my husband especially were so concerned about having more problems with breastfeeding. It had dominated our first month with our child so....... Mind you I was so plagued with guilt that I did relactate, but my sweet babe just couln't make the transition back. Oh, i love her so. How wonderful that you did continue on one side. If something like this ever happened to me again with our next baby- God forbid- you can bet I would nurse on one side, exclusively pump- whatever it took!
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