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Portland OR area mamas?

We are seriously thinking about moving out to Portland, and I am not sure exactly what I am asking for but all advice is welcome.

We definitely would like at least one of us to have a job to start with but we aren't sure what our minimum "it needs to earn x dollars/year" bottom line should be.

DH is a school music teacher but needs to do something else as school teaching has destroyed his immune system. This is part of what is driving our "let's do it now" thing. He needs a different job and while I love teaching college, my current job is not a long term option so it seems like - why wait?

For DH, we aren't sure exactly what he should do, though in addition to teaching, he has arts admin background and has run church choirs as well. I am an academic - a cultural anthropologist specifically, and academic jobs are not so forthcoming, so I am also looking at alternatives where a social science research degree would be useful. I am not sure what those will turn out to be either. gosh, do we sound vague or what?

We are a family of 5, one middle schooler (will be in 7th grade next year), one who will be in 2nd grade and is dyslexic, and one toddler.

I think that's all the important info. Except the dog and the cat, I guess.
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