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Re: Anyone have trouble TTC after C-section?

If you have not looked through it, I would recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". We use Natural Family Planning, so I have a good understanding of what is happening with my cycles. I was very regular until after the birth of my second which was also my second c-section. As usual, things were a bit off while nursing my second, but they never returned to "normal" as we getting ready to TTC #3. For me, I was able to look at my charts and see that I was ovulating late and had a shorter luteal phase (time between ovulation and the next period). The late ovulation wasn't much of an issue as long as we continued to DTD until after I was able to confirm ovulation. However, my luteal phase needed to be longer so that any baby that was conceived would have time to stick. With my doctor's OK, I was able to address this with some supplements.

If your doctor isn't willing to look into the issue, it may be good for you to learn about your cycle so you can try to see what, it anything, needs to be addressed. I really didn't have trouble conceiving my first two (first try and third try), but had we not had a better understanding of my cycle and made changes before TTC, I imagine we would have had trouble with the third (took two cycles).

Good luck!
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