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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"] In Stock Knits:

Hi! I'm Katie and I love to knit! I learned to knit in middle school and then found the love again about ten years ago. I knit in the evenings to relax and sometimes during naptime (depending on how naps go!)

I love first time wool users and will help walk you through it!

I am licensed to knit Eviepants patterns - soakers, longies, shorties, skirties, etc., Froggy Mountain Overalls, and Molly Bubble romper. I also have several hat patterns that I use, but will knit whatever you want or you can send me your pattern. I have some wool/yarn in my stash to use, but will be happy to knit up your yarn. For those who are budget minded and love woolies, I can knit on Patons/other inexpensive yarns (which I am happy to pick up) and knit you something cute and fun! I like to add embellishments to my knits, which gives it that extra personality and cuteness!

Let me knit what you're looking for! YYMN or MYMN...I have a stash of wool too. I love to answer questions! PM me and let's talk about some cute woolies for your little one.

Pricing for YYMN:

Soakers: NB/S: $15, M/L: $22, L/ExL: $26
Shorties: NB/S: $20, M/L: $25, L/ExL: $28-30
Longies: Nb/S: $23, M/L: $35, L/ExL: $45
Skirties: Nb/S: $34, M/L: $42, L/ExL: $55
Rompers: Nb/S: $25, M/L: $30, L/ExL: $35
Overalls: Nb/S: $25, M/L: $30, L/ExL: $35
Cocoon: $18
Hats (basic): starting at $8
Headbands: $4

Extras are included (which I love!) such as cables, twists, duplicate stitch, ruffles...let's talk! Please don't let price keep you from contacting me...

May Testers
1. crunchymom2b: newborn longies, hat- Done and mailed!
2. Jacksmom716: shorties- done; soaker - done and mailed

June Tester
1. Jen:shorties, soaker, kimono, cocoon, romper - done!

1. April: convertible shorties - done and mailed
2. JoAnna: shorties - done!
3. Joselyn: overalls - done and mailed

1. Diane: hockey longies - done!
2. Emilie: shorties - done!

1. April: longies and hat
2. cm6755: small longies and hat
3. Betty: Mario longies

Knotty Pine Knits recommends Dayzee Chain Fiberworks for beautiful stocked and custom dyed yarns.

Link to my full gallery of knits:

Here are some of my recent knits:

Katie, Mama to my boys

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