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I thought maybe it was a sign she needed attention so I made a poster and she now gets a ton of praise and a sticker when she uses the potty. I told her when she doesn't have an accident for seven days I'll buy her a Lalaloopsy doll. I put a picture of the doll on the poster. When she's in the bathroom I try to be there the whole time. She had one 'accident' today when I was putting the youngest to sleep!! But seems to be doing better though or at least happier. I think only time will tell if the increased attention in this department will help. I made her clean up the accident today too which was new. We are on day 2 of the new approach. Keep the ideas coming though!! I'm just still so confused as to why she was fully trained- even night trained- to this??? That's why I'm thinking with me being pregnant and sick and her being the middle child- she may be getting left out a little or feeling that way? I homeschool the oldest and she has expressed she wishes she homeschooled too. She may be feeling left out. I'm glad we are having a fourth so she can share middle position!!
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