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Re: Why is my 3 1/2 year old peeing all over the house?! Help!

Everything I've read (in books, not on internet forums), says to make them clean it up.

You can also get her pretty panties that she can wear in the morning. If she pees in them, she gets drab white panties as a replacement. The books say to throw away the 'accident' panties, but I don't know if I'd do that for pee - definitely for poop.

She has been going through a ton of changes and she's about to go through a ton more with the new baby on the way. So, I'd give her a ton of slack.

I wouldn't give any negative consequences for the peeing because you'll make it a power struggle and lose. But there does need to be a neutral consequence. She cleans it up, she wears ugly panties, etc.

The chart you're doing is another idea I've seen in a lot of books and I hope it works for you. Make sure you don't give in if she misses a day. Start the whole week over. Really make her understand that girls who pee in their pants don't get prizes.
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