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Re: Are my children monsters? :(

Originally Posted by mysticmomma1879 View Post
Agla, the kid was there with his aunt first, i doubt they were on this servers radar.
The waitress went over more than once to bother the op once she got there in addition to bothering the sister. So waitress was really having a bad day or she is super rude or she's fed up with op or all of the above.

I don't think the waitress should have harassed op into wondering if her kids were monsters. I know I wouldn't have done that as a server to any customer.

I was pointing out that besides the mean waitress, you all now know one more person in the world (me) that doesn't want your kids using all the sugar packets as their own personal abacus.

As has already been pointed out repeatedly, no one agrees with me. I'm in the sugar packet handling minority.
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