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Re: Are my children monsters? :(

Monsters no, but it isn't an appropriate behavior. No one wants everyones hands on things they are going to potentially eat. Yuck. I would never consider allowing my child to do it. We bring cars, leap frog electronics (with the sound taped as they are loud), crayons/books, and lots of other toys to keep him occupied as we feel it is our responsibility not the staffs. I also don't allow him to roam around and he must be in the high chair. If he can't do that, we leave (we've only left twice and both times were no nap over tired and we should not have pushed it and eaten out so it was our fault). I also try but not always bring the plastic table mats and depending on where we go silverware and snacks for before meal if it is going to take a while. I'm probably in the minority too as I am sometimes amazed at how some kids act in public with parents egging them on (not special needs).
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