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Naomi, isn't arena football fun?! Chris used to play in a league for fun but when we kept having babies he started to run out of time for all the practices. He now plays on our church softball team so it's something we can all be involved in. But, I bet the kids will love it someday!

LOVE the neverland theme!! Especially for multiple kids it makes so much sense! And yes, I'd be lying if I said I didnt have tons of things planned already. I'm about to borrow Nathan's prek teachers cricut machine so I can start making labels and doing the tedious things now as save myself the last minute stresses. We're doing a rainbow theme and I've had it picked out since early in my pregnancy. Now, if I could make my mind up about an outfit.

So we had the busiest weekend and I got nothing done in the house the needed done, like laundry! Saturday was the fall pref enrollment carnival from 9-12, then we went to lunch with three families from church (10 kids total!). And home with intentions of doing chores but instead ended up taking a FOUR HOUR NAP! I laid down o nurse dd and passed out with her. It was awesome but we didn't get up until 6pm and then it was time to eat dinner do baths and once kids were in bed we watched Grown Ups. That movie makes me laugh hysterically. Sunday was church in the morning, a pizza buffet for lunch, home to walk the dog and do a bike ride for kids. We ran into a family from church that lives on the next street over so they joined our walk. Since it was so hot we walked back to our house to sit in the ac and talk and let the kids play on the trampoline and swingset (they have five). Seriously lost track of time and realized it was 430 and we had to rush them out so we could get back to church for the fellowship dinner and out small group mtg after that.

Good news!!!! Harper has sttn two nights in a row!! From 830 to about 5. The only negative here is that after that long stretch of sleep she will not go back to sleep. Oh well, small price to pay.

How was everyone's weekend?

Eta: can I just vent that it's super irritating to me that I can't have a Pinterest acct without Facebook.
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