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Would you let your 3yo SON....

get his ears pierced? My 3 yo son wants his ears pierced. He is now officially the only member of our family that doesn't have their ears pierced (although I do not wear earrings) and ever since YDD who is 9 months old got her ears pierced he wants his done. He asks a few times a day and I am actually kinda torn.
We are what I guess would be considered an alternative type of family so tattooes and piercings are things both my husband and I have and I have no problem with guys having their ears pierced (obviously since my husband has his pierced) I guess I just don't know what I am looking for, I just don't know how to handle it. let him get them pierced or don't and make him wait...but until when?

ETA: Keep in mind in this situation both of my girls have their ears pierced. DD1 had hers done at 2 months old and YDD just recently got hers done at 9 months old. DS is the middle child and he is 3.
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