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Stroller or Wheelchair at Airport?

We are going on a trip this summer that will require a connecting flight in a large airport. Likely we will have a long walk from where we land to where our next flight takes off. We will also not have tons of time but there is only 1 flight a day so nothing I can do about that.

My 6 year old is autistic. He has some fine motor and gross motor issues but nothing diagnosed except autism. I'm concerned he won't be able to do the walk. Besides that the airport stresses him a little he is overall unable to walk quickly or long distances.

In my head I would love to have an airport wheelchair to use. Is it hard to qualify for one of these? He is 55 pounds. We are ending up on a boat for a week so I really don't want a stroller there but we could get an umbrella one and make it work.

I'm considering driving 7 hours instead to the airport we would make the connection at. Check in would be a much bigger pia but might be worth it to not have to stress about the connection. We'd have to stay in a hotel the night before we left and when we got back.
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