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Re: West Virgina *miff*... slight rant.

Originally Posted by Sageac View Post
Yeah, my only question is are they gonna ask me to get any shots? Will they get upset if I don't want to do the blood glucose testing (I don't eat artificial colors, and I have low tolerance for fasting).

I'm gonna be as accommodating to them as I can be without doing anything I think will harm me or the baby and hopefully ti will all work. Trust in the universe to keep us happy.
I started out my first pregnancy with a Midwife in an OB practice. I eat very healthy foods, limit my processed sugar intake, and have never been overweight. I informed her that I was considering refusing the glucose testing. She told me that was fine with her, but she would insist that they prick my finger to test my blood sugar on every appointment if I did refuse. She was part of a practice that is known for it's high c-scetion rate. (Part of the reason, I found another midwife at 32 weeks)!

Just be strong. You can refuse any medical procedures! It is your right.

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