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Re: Any ideas to make it to term?

Good Luck Mama! I know where your coming from as I have 4 babies, all preemies. I was grateful that my first, a 35 weeker was able to room in with me and they kept us both inpatient 3 days after delivery.

However my 2nd was a 34 weeker and went to NICU, though only for 3 days..

So then I decided to have #3 and wound up in PTL at 24 weeks, on hospital bedrest and mag sulfate until delivery at 32 weeks.. He was in NICU 5 weeks.

#4 was a surprise and given my history I did 17p with him beginning at 16 weeks.. well, at 22 weeks PTL started and I was again admitted on hospital bedrest and mag sulfate.. I managed to make it to 31 weeks before I delivered due to a complete abruption. (3 of 4 were abruption babies.. no clue why). He spent 8 weeks in NICU.

I opted for a tubal during my c-section due to my difficult pregnancies/premature deliveries.. and I understand the pain of not bringing your newborn home, hoping and praying your baby will even survive, and dealing with the special needs.. but I always remind myself "At least my babies are here."

I just wanted to offer some and support and some well wishes for a long, healthy FT pregnancy!
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