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Yes!!! We had two losses before ds1 and then 3 in a row after him. What a sad lonely time that was. We had all the testing possible done and everything came back normal, unexplained secondary infertility was the diagnosis.

Our RE came up with a plan to try using clomid to better egg quality and shorten my cycle a little bit (my cycles were and still are on the lengthy side of normal, about 36 days).

I took clomid on days 3-8, had a couple of ultrasounds to see how the eggs were maturing and when they were mature enough, I had an hcg trigger shot to ensure ovulation. Shortly after, I can't remember the amount of hours, we did an IUI with dhs fresh sperm.

12 days later, we had a bfp.

They monitered my hcg closely and tested progesterone and I had a couple of early ultrasounds.

About 9 months later, our healthy ds2 was born.

It was 18 months of hell trying to conceive and losing baby after baby but we grew a lot and we are ever grateful for the gift of our children.

We've since had another lo, dd1, and I had no loses between ds2 and dd.

it's a tough road to travel.
Without my faith I would have been alot worse off, it helped knowing that I have a loving father in heaven and that he could help new through the pain and keep my hope alive
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