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UPDATE 7/9 --- I want to give up the fight! vent


Well I guess I should've come back here a while ago to update! I'm now 4 days overdue. I have a doula and a great OB that is giving me until 42weeks to go naturally, before he wants to start induction(low dose pit was his suggestion)

Besides minor BH a few times a day...and I'm only 2cm dilated...this baby seems content being inside!

I called lots of doctors before finding one that would take me, and he's had other VBA2C's in the past. The hospital is also pretty VBAC friendly, so thats encouraging!! Thanks ladies for encouraging me to keep looking

I'm 31 weeks soon. And I just moved from Cali to Roanoke, VA...and I have been planning a VBA2C this entire time...but now that we had to move, rather quickly, I'm left without a doctor and still figuring out my insurance! Money is tighter here also, so chances of a doula aren't that great(theyre $800+ here)

I really REALLY want a vba2c because we want one or two more kids. But I feel like I've been fighting for months, and now I'm starting all over to find even a VBAC friendly doc. The local ICAN isn't together for some reason for the area. So I'm just feeling defeated and I have such an uphill battle in front of me!

its be easier just to schedule my RC...but I don't want that at all!!!

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