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I'm new to DS and I realized tonight that in order to pm/buy in the sale threads, I will need to have a post count. Then I found this little forum which seemed perfect for a first post. Much less intimidating. So...hi!

I'm pregnant with my first, due October 11. Super happy and excited and can't wait to meet our baby. We are having a private gender scan on Friday. Time has started flying by.

I want to cloth diaper, but I'm so overwhelmed by all the choices that my tentative plan at this point - post-nb stash days - is to do a trial pack once the baby is a little bigger, to see what we like, and then purchase the bulk of our stash. I'm not sure if this is a good plan or not, but I would hate to purchase a bunch and find out I hate them. I know I am going to break down and buy a few things though.

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