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Originally Posted by momomom
Good luck, mama! I am sort of in the same boat. I will be moving 36 weeks preggo(THEN again when baby is like 2 weeks old- grrrr). That alone is a HUGE stress. If you want a VBAC, don't give up. True story: df moved 34 weeks preggo and knew she couldn't find anyone to assiste a vbac for a diabetic mama. So she waited till she was in active labor and walked into an er, explained she had just moved there and hadn't found a dr yet, and had the baby. She just didn't mention her previous birth was a c/s. It took GUTS but it worked for her!
I've honestly thought about that! Just not finding someone for sure, and going to the hosp my insurance has.... But I'm afraid of what they'll have to assume I have and force me to I could have xyz disease. Or having to keep the baby longer to verify it doesn't have certain defects..
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