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Re: August 2011 - May chat

Hallie--lucky! I would love to go to Nasheville! We will just settle for B'ham tomorrow and maybe this weekend.

Going to be 94 today!!!!

Last year I was complaining about the frozen tundra! We had about 2 weeks of what they call winter down here. I Call it fall. It never got what would be considered cold and we went right into summer. For any Phineas and Ferb fans I guess this year was "swinter"

Tanner is playing with my cell phone right now and I tried to get it away from him and he said "no, I have to get people." Just thought I would share that since it made me chuckle.

I was able to get exercise in 2 days in a row! That is unheard of. Yesterday I did yoga and walked. Today I did a Tracy Anderson video. Tanner did yoga with me and the video. He is so strong. He is tiny so dh and I discussed putting him in gymnastics.
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