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Re: HighRisk Mama Weekly check in 5/1-5/7

Name: Jessica
What makes you high risk: Up until 15 weeks we were high risk due to the large subchorionic hemorrhage, but that resolved (yay!). Now we're somewhat high risk because the baby has bilateral club feet and a curve in his spine. I'm guessing the curve is congenital scoliosis, but no one has really explained that. So with both of those things, the MFM is concerned that there may be other complications.
How many children do you have: This is our first!
Anything else you would like to share: The MFM strongly recommended an amniocentesis to see if the little guy has any chromosomal anomalies that may have contributed to the feet and spine. We feel that the amnio is a pretty risky procedure and we want our baby no matter what. I would love to know for sure if he does have a syndrome so that we can be prepared, but I know even the amnio can miss things. I'm open to doing the penta screen (blood test to tell risk for chromosomal anomalies and open neural tube defects), but MFM says he wants the amnio even if the penta screen is negative. So I'm going on the 16th for a level 2 ultrasound of his heart (no problems there so far) and if he has any heart anomalies we'll reconsider the amnio. And hopefully someone can give me some more information about his spine and possible treatment.
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