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Re: Does anyone have 2 kids + a baby in one bedroom??

My kids share a room. We originally had a 2 bedroom condo so they had no choice. I kept my youngest in the room until about 7 months when the co-sleeping wasn't working for either of us. I was nervous about 3 kids in the room but it went fine just like when I moved my ds in with my oldest. We are staying in a 3 bedroom for now but they like sharing a room so they are still sharing. I like having a room just for sleeping and a room for playing and I plan on doing that until they are a little older.

In the 2 bedroom the closet was really big and split in 3. I hung all the clothes up and put a dresser in the closet. The room they are in now has a much smaller closet so I just hang up the dress clothes, sweaters and one piece outfits. They had a dresser that fits the closet and I have the 3 drawer dresser we had. The dresses is wide and takes up the whole closet and has 9 small drawers. I use one side for each kid. I put shirts in on, pants in another and underwear and socks and baby legs in another drawer. I put the pajamas in the 3 dresser drawer. I saw a platform bed that was on sale on amazon I was thinking of getting but we ended up not needing it but that a good solution f space it really tight.

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