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Re: HighRisk Mama Weekly check in 5/1-5/7

Originally Posted by NurseJessie View Post
Sara, that's a great point. I know they'll still want the amnio, but I'll definitely push for a fetal echo if they see anything on the ultrasound, and I'm sure they'll probably want to do that.
The reason i thought of it is that i get fetal echos (due to the risk of heart defects) and they usually tell you a ton. . obv it wouldnt tell you the cause if there was anything wrong but it would show the docs the problem and they would know where to go from there

Originally Posted by mommy4knk View Post
Name: Joni
What makes you high risk: Im pregnant with Monochorionic twins.
How many children do you have: 2 already. KayLeigh is 8 and Kaleb is 6.
Anything else you would like to share: I, too, am very anxious and nervous about this pregnancy. There are so many things that can go wrong and have heard several times "You still arent out of the woods yet". I just want to have a normal pregnancy, which I have never been able to have b/c with the other two kids, I had Hyperemesis.
Girl, i understand completely where you are coming from. It truly does suck to get to points in your pregnancy where others are breathing sighs of relief and all you are hearing is "well now we have to watch for this" and "this could still go wrong. . " I have found that finding one good thing or moment and hanging on to that helps immensly. For this preg it was hearing the doc say that he was a he. . and that everything looks kosher for now. I know that everything may not stay looking good, but i'm going to hold on to the moment of relief when it was good

Originally Posted by sillyutalktome View Post
Name: Jeanette
What makes you high risk: Preterm labor with my first started at 31 weeks, delivered at 34.
How many children do you have: 1 - M (dd almost four)
Anything else you would like to share: I'm incredibly scared too. I start my 17p shots tomorrow.
Incredibly scared seems par for this course, unfortunatly. I am praying that all of our fears will prove to be unfounded in the end and all of our beans will arrive,just on time, safe and sound <3
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