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Intro - due 31st

Hi, i'm new to DS - wish I had found this a year ago We have our 4th baby due oct. 31st - my dd is 9, ds1 is 7 and ds2 is 11 months, number 4 is a wonderful surprise, the kids are more excited about it than me lol

I started using cloth when my son was born last year, always wanted to with the others but didn't - got all the eww you don't want to do that- comments and was silly enough to listen to them. This time around I did what I wanted, and love it.

I'm starting to build up a nb stash, but thinking i may go with renting nb dipes, has anyone done that here?

um, more about me, I'm 32, married to my hs sweetie and we started homeschooling this past year. which has been crazy with a baby and I think i'm nuts trying to do it again with a baby and a toddler it'll be an experience.

I'm excited to meet everyone, anyone else due on the 31st?
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