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Huge bummer today. We had a couple more hours left of sunshine so I told the kids to turn off the tv and go outside to play. My dd2 didn't want to and threw a fit so I let her stay inside while I took the other 2 outside. When I came in to check on her she had peed on a non washable chair, the carpet in that room then ran peeing into her bedroom peeing on three rugs on the way and the carpet in her bedroom. One rug was brand new! Honestly, I threw away her sticker poster and cried for about an hour. I'm going through too much right now to deal with this. I only cleaned up half the mess today and will do the other half tomorrow. Then my husband and I got in a huge fight about a ton of other things right then and still haven't made up. I didn't even want to go outside because I'm feeling so sick but felt they needed fresh air. I'm still so bummed and don't even know what I'm going to do tomorrow. I just feel nothing will work and there's pee everywhere. I just went and threw away our large area rug that she peed on 5 days ago and the smell is still there. That was another huge bummer. For any Christian moms out there, we all need major prayer.
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