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Re: anyone else with a failed VBAC?

I understand. I feel bad also. My sister has had 2 vbacs one at home. I've had 3 c-sections. My 2nd was my worst emotionally because it wasn't necessary. I also had to face my mothers disapointment in me. She was mad at me for several years. Although she never said anything I could still tell. It wasn't until I told her I gave in to the section because the doctor was threatening to have her arrested that I could see a subtle change in her attitude towards me. To stop them I told them to go ahead with the section. Midwifery is essentially illegal in Illinois. Because I suspected the doctor of lying to me I had my mother(a midwife in MI.) check dilation. The problem was the nurse returned quicker than expected and caught her. I didn't want her to get into trouble because of me so I told them to just get it done with. It almost cost us our son. He was on the verge of crowning when we went in for the section. The doctors had to pull him back up the birth canal. My husband said you could see his neck stretch as the doctors pulled on him trying to get him back. You could identify fingers on my sons arms and upper back for a weeks after, they had to pull so hard. Visitors were asking what had happened to him because of the extensive bruising.
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