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Cool Let's Talk Sunscreen...

Alright everyone - let's chat sunscreen because it's getting to be "that" time of year around here. My boys go to daycare so I will have to provide sunscreen for them to put on when they go outside...

What do you use on your LOs?

Do you use sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months?

What do you use on the newbies?

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DS1 has seemed to break out whenever I use anything other than Aveeno on him so Aveeno sunscreen it is for him (he's 4.5) - I use the spray for daycare because it's faster (I work there so I know it takes FOREVER to sunscreen up 20 kiddos!) but DS2 is only 5 weeks old... and I am at a loss... DS1 was 6+ months by the time summer hit so we just used baby sunscreen.
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