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Re: I don't know what to do, 4yo leaving the house

Put different locks on the doors - either get key only locks or get a bolt style for up high.

I know money is tight but this is what we did with our front door as we have a flip lock:

My husband uses the kitchen door which is a full key lock when he leaves/comes.

The other thing we may do is get chimes for the doors - Home Depot had some for under $20 so it just alerts you when the door opens. Nothing fancy. But, it just chimes each time the door is open.

You are lucky to have nice neighbors and others who are looking out for them. That is my biggest fear as my son plays with the lock.

You may also want to consider the tall baby gates for their room door. And, if they can't scale them, they have to call you/wake you to open them. Or, block off a hallway or some area.
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