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Re: 7 month old napping

We don't have a routine exactly, apart from night time. I only recently started bringing her upstairs to do naptime too. The bedroom isn't as dark for naps as it is for night, but the curtains are pulled and the light is out. She used to just fall asleep with bottles and that was great, but not so much anymore. Plus, it's all complicated by her reflux and the need to keep her upright for a while after eating. She has a morning nap, roughly two hours after she wakes up, usually naps over lunch, and then in the mid afternoon. In between we do lots of floor play and feedings.

She still eats like a newborn according to the "book" but I don't pay much attention to books. She eats every 1 1/2-2 hours during the day, and then sleeps from 7:30-7 ish with 1-2 wake ups at night. (She is on formula.) She's crawling around now, so I thought that would have made her more likely to nap.

Sorry that's a bit of a jumbled mess!
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