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Originally Posted by AngelicasMommy
Im dealing with this with the toddler I babysit. She will be 2 at the end of June. She has done it a few times at nap time, and its aways been pee UNTIL last week. Poop everywhere, including in her mouth! I went in when I heard her gagging, it sounded like she was choking on something and I freaked out. Her mom uses tape to keep her diaper on. I tried putting an unstuffed pocket dipe on her over her sposie, but backwards. It has snaps and for a few days it worked but she figured out how to get it off :/
Now, backwards jammies with a zipper (so zips up her back) is working. Hoping she doesn't figurure that one out, otherwise I don't know what else I can do other than using tape like her mother! lol
Oh no!!! Mine like to smear their poop on the window. Lol. I think I would vomit if I saw it in their mouth! My twins will be two in June as well and they figured out backwards Jammie's too. (the escapee jays). I did put tape over their sposies last night just because I saw that they had somehow opened the Jammie's (I think this is a tag team effort though, so you may be good!). Anyways, I'm glad I put the tape on (a strip of duct tape from hip to hip) or I could have woke up to wet sheets....again!
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