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Re: I NEED SLEEP!!!! How to get my 2 year old to sleep at night w/o CIO

I feel you pain. My 16m is the same way. It comes and goes, sometimes its because she is wet, and sometimes its because she wants milk (well most the time, and real milk I didn't bf). It has gotten so bad I have been given a fat split lip from her tantrum. Last night once she calmed down I got her applesauce (the squeeze kind) instead of milk. She then went and brushed her teeth again, and back to bed (with us at this point). She then slept through the night until about 5:45. She then takes a 90min nap at 8. I am hoping for a repeat preformance tonight.

I would try a snack at the first waking. DD eats a lot, so I know its not because she didn't eat dinner. I think it is linked to a growth spurt or a mental spurt. HTH.
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