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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of April 30th

Amy I'm sorry about your BFN

Jacqueline sorry for you too. I think you US girls should really look into doing IVF in another country. I'm always shocked how high your prices are-my IVF would cost me 2500$ out of pocket and about 700$ for the meds here in Austria-that is with assisted hatching and ICSI. Insurance pays 70% and our out of pocket is 1000$ for everything.

Doodle I think the other girls have answered your question about birth defects etc. Basically once you are pregnant you are not even high risk anymore (unless you have other things going on apart from the IF like me :P ) The multiples risk would be the biggest one but many, many clinics do single embryo transfers now and the pregnancy rate is only slightly lower with those. One thing that I I should at least mention is that IVF really takes a toll on your body and there is a very real risk of OHSS with every cycle (part of the super ovulation with IVF is making you have OHSS so mild OHSS is considered normal and to be expected!). But I'm about to do my 9th fresh cycle so take all this FWIW Bottom line is for those of us who desperately want another baby it's worth it.

Sarah sorry-hope you still get a BFP even if it's a late one. Otherwise good luck for next cycle!

Could you update me Rebecca?
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