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Originally Posted by agzip03
A onsie would work. I've also had success with this problem by putting big girl panties over the diaper. They are to small for dd1 to get out of plus she likes the fairies.
It might work for some, but not for us. They can unsnap those too. Lol. Or if not, they just grab the diaper and pull the tabs anyways causing the diaper to fall off. We even had sleep sacks that didn't stop them. Lol.

Let's see...a quick rundown of what we have tried....

Snap diapers, flats with boingo's and/or snappi's under wool/fleece covers, sleep sacks, zippered sleepers, button sleepers, onesies, backwards zippered sleepers, spandex/biker shorts over diapers, shorts with drawstrings to tie up over their hips, etc.

We have seriously tried everything.
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