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Is he still in a crib? My DS used to repeatedly get up to ask for me to tuck him in. I finally realized he was just using that as an excuse to get up. So then I would tell him go back to bed, I already tucked you in. That did the trick. Unless there is a physical reason, like a growth spurt or sickness, there's no reason why a 2 year old shouldn't soothe himself back to sleep. I don't think it's abnormal for a child to wake during the night. But he needs boundaries and I think he's old enough to understand them. If he were mine, I'd tell him before bed, "Here's your pacci and blanket. Mommy and daddy will not give it to you again. And no drinks after bedtime.". When he wakes asking for something i'd say "Your blanket is right there. Mommy won't get it for you because your a big boy and you can do it." I don't believe in CIO either, but I do believe boundaries and expectations are necessary. Kids meet the expectations that are set. I try my hardest to ignore fits for attention, but after a certain amount of time, I will try to comfort the child. I hope you can settle this problem and get some sleep!
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