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Re: Enrichment activities for ADVANCED 11 month old???

Originally Posted by bobbyjk View Post
I'm learnign that my DD is pretty advanced too. She is now 18 months old and knows all her letters, numbers, counts, knows colors, shapes (including pentagon, octagon and such) and is now on to learning the letter sounds. She has a vocabulary of probably at least 500 words, knows about 50 signs. She sings along to songs and is now putting 2 word sentences together. When she colors she obviously does not stay in the lines, but she colors over specific objects, not just the whole page. OK, this sounds like a Mommy brag but my point is that if your LO is advanced, these are all things you can work on in a fun way. We've NEVER forced any of it, but just casually teach her during the day through books, counting flowers outside, talking about the colors and smells of the flowers, pointing out numbers at the store or on addresses on houses, etc. She helps me "cook" and we explain each step to her and she dumps "1 cup" etc. I really don't believe in pushing that stuff on little ones, but my DD just seems to pick it up from real life education. We did a lot of chalk outside (letters, colors, shapes) and organized things like rocks based on color or size (big, small). I would do a lot of sensory things (warm, cold, bumpy, soft) With the warm weather coming up you can do sand and water tables. Bead frame maze things are great. At that age, we would hide toys under different cups or boxes and see if she could find them. I've done flashlight fun in a dark room (she loved that even early on, just get a lightweight flashlight). READ READ READ Hope that gives you some ideas.

My DD didn't walk until 13 months though
I agree with all of this! My almost 5 year old is ahead of her peers, and my son is too, but not as much it seems as she was. He is being moved to the 18month+ room at daycare at "only" 16 months.
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