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Re: I NEED SLEEP!!!! How to get my 2 year old to sleep at night w/o CIO

Originally Posted by LittleABC View Post
haha. funny. He does have them in his bed. But he is lazy(unlike my girls) and wont reach for them. Just lays there and screams for them till I get up and find them and give them to him.

Pacifier strap?
I would not use a pacifier strap at night as it could do more harm than good. Really now, whose fault is this behavior... yours.... you cater to him, just like I do to my son. He's learned. I have the kid who would never hold a bottle, ever but he could but would not. Now, here's the deal... you kick your husband out of bed and make him do it and make it clear until you sleep, he doesn't get to sleep. If that doesn't work, good luck, just give him what he wants and get back to bed asap. We found it went through phases but normally we have a good sleeper. I don't get the sleeping tantrums but we get them too. We just wait it out, try to calm him down and he usually goes back to sleep at some point.
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