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Re: Does anyone have 2 kids + a baby in one bedroom??

Originally Posted by happyhats View Post
could you put the older two into the playroom somehow and then give the babe a nursery? Put the toys in the basement, have only a small amount out and rotate, or just purge and consolidate?
Unfortunately, no. The toyroom is actually our sunroom. Windows on 3 sides and they're already getting into regular trouble by me for standing on the window ledges (2 story drop to the ground, I'm paranoid). It also leads out to the back deck, so I don't feel safe with an outside door there and them sleeping in it. Our basement is only partially finished, so we wouldn't be able to keep the toyroom down there. I DID just take all of their toys away from them a few weeks back for not picking up and helping me. They have each earned one "group" of toys back (DD her baby doll things, DS2 his musical instruments) and so there's not much in the toyroom now.

Originally Posted by b bright View Post
I have a 4 yo and twin 2yo sharing a room right now (we live in a 2 bd) and will be adding a baby in July. Baby is going to have to stay in our room for as long as possible because the kids room really has nothing left to spare that is safe. The only place to put a crib or move around the beds (2 twin beds that can stack as bunk beds but twins are not scared either) is right in front of a window and while that isn't so bad, I don't want my twins using the baby crib (or their bed) as a stepping stool to the shade cords...(or the baby for that matter!) plus they have a huge walk in closet that would probably fit a crib easily so we don't have much of a problem with closet space.

What about putting a dresser for the baby in the play room for now? It wouldn't take up that much space. And would give you some time to Find other arrangements?
Yeah, we have that issue as well in the kids' room with the window. I *could* fit a bed or crib against the one wall, but it would have to be right against the window and I don't feel secure/safe doing that.

I was actually thinking of putting a dresser in the toyroom for baby if I couldn't fit it in the kids' room. Baby will mostly be living in our bedroom anyhow and the toyroom is closer to our room than the kids' room, making night changes and whatnot easier. But I think I found a temporary solution that will work out easier instead...I'll post about it below.
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