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Re: Does anyone have 2 kids + a baby in one bedroom??

So I've been wanting to move DD up into a twin sized bed for a while and found a great deal on CL for a captain's bed with a bookshelf headboard. I drove out and picked it up last night and after wiping it down and getting it set up in the kids' room, I really think this will work.

I was able to move all of DD's dresser stuff to the captain's bed, freeing up 3 drawers for baby clothes and blankets/linens. I purged all of DD and DS2's clothes big time, setting aside all of their outgrown and winter things for the basement storage. Now there's even extra space in the closet for hanging baby stuff - yay! I also moved a small bookshelf that used to be in their room into the closet and have all of our bigger (non nb) cloth diapers stored in there now. I have a 3 drawer plastic rolly cart storage dresser thing I usually use for cloth diapers and nursing supplies that I keep at the end of the PnP in our bedroom and got that filled up and ready.

I did have to move the rocking chair out of their room for now, which is a bummer. But I likely won't be nursing in their room much anyhow if the older two are in there anyway.

And surprisingly, there is room for the captain's bed, DS2's toddler bed and DD's old toddler bed without having to put anything in front of the window. Which means a crib will totally fit in there with both DD's and DS2's beds. Yay! I think I can manage the dresser and closet space for now until we move older DS1 downstairs and I split the 3 littles up into their own boy/girl rooms. WHEW!!
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