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Re: 7 month old napping

We have major nap struggles here, too. He goes down without a fight at all at night. I recently started to change him into jammies and stick him in the sleep sack for naps and he seems to have gotten the cue that those things signify sleep.

We have reflux issues as well and he has to be upright 30 mins after eating. I spend that time with him super majorly stimulating him as much as I can before I think he may possibly be tired. We walk around, we look at flowers in the backyard, we pet the dogs, we watch them wrestle, we go through the fruit bowl on the counter and touch everything... anything I can think of.

The other thing I did when he got more mobile was write down when he started to look tired, when he ate, when he actually fell asleep, and when he woke up. After a week or so of this, I figured out he was actually showing patterns and now when it's around 40 mins before I think he will be tired, we do a bottle, busy him for 30 mins, change diaper and into jammies, put on the sleepsack, and then go in the crib. It doesn't work all the time, but it does work some.

We also play the Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd or the Beatles from Rockabye Baby while getting him ready for sleep at night and now the nap routine, so I think he is picking up cues.
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