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Re: anyone else with a failed VBAC?

Originally Posted by uphillskiing View Post
Yes to a failed VBAC and those crazy jealous feelings whenever I hear about someone giving birth naturally. I've always thought I was tougher than the average cookie too so it stings when I hear about easy births.

Anyway, before the second section, the midwives were so optimistic about my chances. After birth #2 basically stalled at the same point (7cm) for the same reason (big baby sitting transverse) they changed their tune making it so much easier for me to accept the outcome. Basically they said, in any other era and in many areas of the world either you or the baby would not be here. So yeah, I'm just thankful we have safe ways to get those babies out now! It definitely helps to think about it that way.
I know that this sentiment is not comforting for some people, but it did help me a lot. I have to believe that there is some reason why my kids, especially my 2nd, were c-section babies. I have no idea what the reason was, but there had to be a reason. They were born healthy and had no adverse affects and I am eternally grateful for that.
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