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Re: Any ideas to make it to term?

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
After talking to other preemie moms later in life, I really think that the immune system is key in carrying a baby to term- notably, a healthy immune system. Being pregnant is very taxing on the body and immune system in general, and if it isn't strong, the body may not be able to handle it. I don't think you would find many doctors who would say that, but it makes sense to me based on people that I know and research that I've done. For instance, many older women I know that had babies born prematurely now have diagnosed immune issues, like Lupus, fibromyaligia, etc.
It might help to take whatever immune boosters that you can safely take during pregnancy. Probiotics and probiotic foods, no antibiotics or precription meds if possible, natural vitamin C (acerola cherries, red/yellow peppers, or a whole-food supplement), homemade bone broth..all of those are good dietary immune boosters. Your local health food store might have some other suggestions of supplements that can boost the immune system safely during pregancy. Lots of sunlight and Vitamin D3 is also great.
Keep in mind that antibiotics are in the food supply, especially in cafo meat and milk products, so it's best to choose local and organic meat and produce whenever possible. These foods are also more nutritous, so they're doubly helpful.
It's also important to avoid stress whenever possible. Bedrest can be have a very negative and stressful effect on the body, and is not really proven to be helpful in general, probably because prolonged inactivity is not good for the body, pregnant or not. It would probably be most helpful to avoid stressful activities, but keep up moderate activity as long as possible.
I AGREE.. I've recently read some articles about pregnant women needing a lot of vitamin C daily, to go full term and have quicker births. I have had all my babies btwn 32- 36 weeks and realized this time that I probably have an irritable uterus. I have noticed that the contractions started very early this time around (11 weeks or so) and was actually quite painful and scaring me many days. Then I read about Vit. C.... When I have a decent amt of vitamin C in my system, everything settles down. I would have never thought!
I also take B's & E's (my D levels are fine). They really help me cope with the stress of everything. Epsom salts (mag sulfate) is also used for helping stop contractions and I've taken small doses, esp when I have severe gut pain from eating. It seems to help ease the contractions for me too.

Hang in there mama!

Here's one of the sources with the Vit. C research:
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