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Re: Hi...(introduction)

I'm due Oct 11 also!

I've tried many brands of cloth diapers. I try to buy them used when I'm trying them to save money. I've come to realize I don't like prefolds (too bulky), don't like pockets (hate the stuffing..actually its the unstfuffing the pee full insert that is the worst), but I love AI2's and All-in-ones.

My favorite diaper for a newborn is the bumgenius AIO newborn size. Actually this is my all time favorite diaper and I own them in smalls and mediums and UGGHHH they are discountinued and can't get them in larges!!! I've been slowly buying them used when I see them to build my large stash. I also have a number of other brands I use in rotation (mostly all AI2's).

Now, if only I could find a good cloth alternative to a pull up for my almost 5 year old that wets the bed every night. Any suggestions? He's small for his age but still is too big for anything I have!
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