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I have a phd, dh has an ma, actually, I think it's an mme, or something (music ed). We are self sufficient. I do not think college is for everyone. I know many keenly thoughtful, intelligent people who have done well without it, especially those who have gone to some kind of trade school or apprenticeship.

That said, as Carrie mentioned, the studies are pretty clear and it isn't about "opinion." people with college degrees earn more over their lifetime on average.

Also, I personally think college can be deeply enriching as a person. So as proud holder of a "useless" BA/BFA in theater, I am not against impractical majors either. There is something wonderful about being able to spend time learning and doing something you love... If you aren't loving it, yeah, maybe do something else at least for a while. I hope my girls all go to college. If its not for them, I hope they find other things to do that enrich their minds and their lives.

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