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Gymnastic/martial arts parents

I have a question about these sports, never having had a kid in them. Do you pay a membership fee to a national organization in addition to your membership fees/monthly fees for the actual classes? If you do, do you still have to if you only do it recreationally, not competitively?

The reason I ask is because my oldest son takes fencing lessons. Now he's special needs, it's unlikely he'll ever compete. He takes the lessons because he enjoys learning the sport and it's one of the few ones he can do with his physical issues. This year his fencing center is being required to have every person who is a member to also join the national organization of fencing for an additional $60 a year. I wouldn't have an issue if he were competing, since that's who the tournaments are run through but I don't think it's fair to require non competitive members to pay a fee for something they won't be participating in. One of the coaches said that it's done that way through every other competitive type of sport, like gymnastics, swimming, etc. I've never heard of that before but figured I'd bring it up here and find out.
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