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Re: Basically it's Thursday!!!

I'm hoping that my phone deciding to go nuts last night and loose it's charge and turned off (so it didn't wake me up) is not going to set a precedent for the entire day. I'd forgotten about the appointment this morning so now I have to run to my GP to pick up a referral to the Opticians.

The kids messed about something silly this morning too.

Shannon kept saying "Daisy's eyes are closed but she's awake. We need to wash her eyes". I kept saying, "no...she's sleeping, Leave her alone". repeat and repeat and repeat...
Derry kept going nuts because she wants to wear a, it's too cold.
Cami put on 2 pairs of pants (UK) and wouldn't believe anyone when they told her she needed to take one pair off.
Fynn was his usual change there.

I've had a couple of cookies and gotten ready. I'm trying to give my phone time to charge up before having to leave to pic up the referral and then to the appointment.....It scares me to leave without a phone these days. I need to know I can be reached if anything happens to the kids, yk.
I am Janine; mum to Shannon (10), Derry (8), Cameron (7), & Fynn (4)
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