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Had the circumcision talk with DF!!

Ever since finding out this baby is a boy I've been terrified to tell DF I don't want to circ him. I have no problems with the circ itself, but if something were to go wrong during a cosmetic surgery I don't think Icould live with myself. DF is very mainstream as is both of our families and I did not expect himto be receptive whatsoever. I figured a huge arguement would ensue.

Want to know the first thing he said? "Well, what about when they're in the bathroom and they ask why they're different from eachother?" I was shell shocked! He was open, did not want to discuss it in detail but agreed to think about it and offered no other arguements. The one he did give is easily gotten around IMO. I did not push it as then he would have gotten mad but he was so nice about it! Now,that doesn't mean I'll win but we're off to a great start that he's even open to the idea!

Score 1 for me!

Oh, and I also told him that I could only agree if he couldwatch a video of the surgery the entire way through. Has anyone's SO watched the video and still wanted to circ afterwards?

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