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I've heard of people watching the video and still doing it. I wouldn't use that as a condition to allow it. With my EX, the condition I gave was that he had to do all the diaper changes until DS was healed, because I didn't want to handle a wound and feel bad every time I saw it. BUT, in the end I never would have allowed it to happen, so I never should have even said it. I did finally get his dad on my side, but after he was mad for a bit because I simply refused. Now he thanks me for standing up to him.

The most convincing argument I seem to have is that it should be HIS choice...the owner of the penis. It can always be done later, but it cannot be undone. Why not leave it up to the kid when he becomes a man? It simple and easy. There would be no regrets. If he chooses it later, he can have adequate pain relief. Less chance of complications.

If he's worried that your son will notice the difference, tell him it shouldn't be a big deal. If he asks, tell him the truth...when daddy/brother was a baby, doctors thought it was a good thing to cut off that part, but we knew better when you were born, so we didn't do that.

My son is 7 and used to shower with his dad and he never commented on it. I don't know if he ever even noticed. He did once comment on the size difference...very the middle of a crowded hallway in children's hospital. LMAO
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