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Re: problems with nursing while pregnant

Talk to her! By 2 years old, she can understand that all that nursing hurts mama. I always offer 1 side for as long as I can, then a cup of water for a few minutes, then the other side for a few minutes. Talk to her during the day to explain that mama is tired and that it hurts. Tell her that when the new baby is here, you will have lots of milk and it won't hurt anymore. (Play it up as a present to her from the new baby). Even my 17 mo understands when I say that mama's milkies (what we call nursing) hurt.

Trust mama. Holding her while she cries is better than creating resentment towards her because you are so uncomfortable.

And I always try to make a list of reasons why I am continuing nursing for those bad days. That way you can go back and remember why you are doing this. You've gotten so far, just a little longer. Good luck mama!
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